Exit Strategies

Exiting your Cask Investment

With millions of bottles of whisky sold daily in almost every country in the world, you can probably imagine the whisky market is highly liquid and it doesn’t take long to sell out of your investment. Clients can often sell out of their investment within a matter of days, and of course we will be here to assist you with the sale.

Please bear in mind that the value of whisky grows exponentially year on year as it matures so we advise you to hold your casks long term to ensure you get the best return possible. If you have purchased a new cask that hasn’t yet reached it’s maturity date you may not be able to sell as quickly as you wish.

Exiting your Cask Investment


Your whisky casks can be sold at auction. These auctions take place regularly throughout the year, we will be able to assist you in organising your cask being sent to auction when it is ready to be sold. There is a huge amount of interest in rare casks at auction sales so this is typically a very easy way of exiting the market.

Our Clients

Your whisky casks can be offered to other clients on our books who may want to hold the investment for the remaining term (for instance, if you wanted to sell in year 4 but another one of our clients wanted to buy in and hold until year 12). Seeing as the value of whisky goes up exponentially as it ages this should be of no surprise.

LCT Buy Back Scheme

We can value your casks once you are ready to sell and purchase them back off of you for the current market price at the time of enquiry, minus a 10% fee.


We can sell casks to bottling companies if the whisky is ready to be bottled and sold. We have countless bottling companies in our contacts who we can offer your casks to once you wish to sell.


Whisky brokers are always on the lookout for casks to either hold for themselves or source for their clients. We will be able to offer your casks to our network of whisky brokers once you wish to exit.

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