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Introducing the London Cask Traders Client Portal

Imagine having the power to manage your whisky cask portfolio from anywhere in the world. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can check prices, make a quick trade, and access real-time reports. The future is now – introducing our game-changing client portal.

Designed exclusively for our clients, the London Cask Traders Portal leapfrogs whisky trading into the 21st century. This sophisticated platform provides complete transparency, control, and insights so you can trade with confidence.

Through our secure portal, you can view your entire cask collection, buy and sell new casks seamlessly, download ownership certificates instantly, and request samples or regauges – accessible 24/7, from anywhere worldwide.

Stay ahead of market shifts with its built-in news feed and instant notifications. Monitor every detail of your casks down to the reguage. Execute buys and sells in seconds. The portal has been engineered to optimise and elevate your trading experience.

As pioneers in the industry, we’ve developed this VIP service to provide:

  • Comprehensive portfolio management with a complete overview of your casks so you can easily track and explore investment opportunities
  • Streamlined transactions that allow you to buy and sell casks with ease and efficiency
  • Enhanced security and accessibility to download certificates or request services, keeping your investments protected
  • Instant insights and updates on your portfolio status, market news, and notifications to stay informed

Pat showed us the different areas of the distillery and explained their uses in whiskey production and finished our tour off with some whiskey-tasting. The tour ended with us trying four whiskeys from Boann;

Key Features Designed for You:

Direct Cask Selection and Purchase: Access our curated selection of casks directly, simplifying the acquisition process.

Effortless Selling Experience: Our platform facilitates quick and easy sales, making the trading process straightforward.

Immediate Access to Documents: Download ownership certificates and essential documents effortlessly, ensuring your investments are always documented and secure.

Real-Time Portfolio Insights: Gain immediate insight into your portfolio’s status and value, empowering you with the information needed to make informed decisions.

Simplified Management Requests: Easily request cask movements, samples, and regauges with our streamlined service requests, designed for your convenience.

Notifications and Updates: Stay informed with automatic alerts on important account activities and market news that could affect your investments.

Market News and Insights: Access the latest industry insights and news, keeping you informed on trends that impact whisky cask trading.

Around-the-Clock Support: Our live chat support ensures you have access to expert assistance whenever you need it, making portfolio management smoother.

The launch of the London Cask Traders Client Portal is more than just the introduction of a new tool; it’s an invitation to join us at the forefront of whisky investing. This platform represents our commitment to efficiency, security, and transparency, offering you a clearer, more controlled view of your investments than ever before.

Ready to step into the future of whiskey cask investing? Discover our client portal today.

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