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Boann Distillery Client Tour – 14th August

At London Cask Traders, we’re doing things differently. We offer our clients a unique and enriching experience by taking them on a distillery tour in Ireland with a select number of brokers from the company. In the middle of August, we took our clients to the Boann Distillery in Co Meath, just an hour’s drive out of Dublin.

What is so special about these distillery tours is that they allow the clients to see where their cask is stored and located and provide insights into the intricate process of whiskey production and storage.

Ireland is renowned for its centuries-old tradition of producing some of the finest whiskies in the world. Our clients get an up-close look at every stage of whiskey production, from the careful selection of grains and the mashing process to fermentation and distillation.

Our guide walks clients through blending different malt and grain whiskey to create unique flavours. They learn about the importance of ageing in oak casks, where whiskey gains its distinctive character and complexity.

Our distillery tour in Ireland has left a lasting impression on our clients, and their testimonials speak volumes about their unforgettable experiences.

What a fantastic tour, we’ve seen the distillery, the storage of the casks and the warehouse” – Robert I

We met Pat, the owner, he’s really concerned about the quality of the product, so it’s been really good to see what’s behind this investment“⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ – Charlie S

Our distillery tour in Ireland is more than just a whiskey education; it’s a memorable investment in knowledge and experience. Clients leave with a deeper appreciation for the whiskey making process and a sense of connection to their investment, after seeing their cask stored at the warehouse.

Join us on our next distillery tour and embark on a whiskey adventure that will enrich your portfolio and your understanding of this timeless spirit.

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