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The London-based Whisky Professionals

London Cask Traders was founded by a group of passionate investment experts/whisky enthusiasts with a mission to become the #1 whisky investment company in the industry. We aimed to do this by sourcing high quality casks, delivering high quality customer service and ensuring our prices remain competitive. As a result we are helping people reap the financial rewards of owning these amazing limited edition assets.

We have established relationships with distilleries all over Scotland and Ireland, sourced the best in HMRC bonded storage facilities and planned perfectly devised exit strategies for our clients. We have now successfully made our mark in the whisky investment world as one of the most trusted and renowned companies to deal with cask whisky and we plan on continuing our legacy.

Our ethos has always been to put our clients first, to build high quality relationships by choosing longevity over quick profits. This is why we source our casks for as competitively priced as possible are always open and honest about our fee structure.

With the team at London Cask Traders having previously worked in the financial markets prior to getting into the whisky market, we realised investors need portfolio diversification if they are looking to protect themselves from the uncertainty of the these traditional markets. For this we believe there is no better option than having a strong portfolio of tangible, limited edition investments than have proven throughout history to stay strong in recessions.

A Friendly, Professional Approach to Whisky Investing

At London Cask Traders, we are all about showing quality customer service to each and every one of our clients. It is of paramount importance to us that you feel satisfied with your whisky investing journey. We understand investing with a company for the first time can often be an overwhelming experience, so we have always gone the extra mile to help make sure our clients feel comfortable.

We arrange in office meetings with our clients where they have an opportunity for a 1 on 1 consultation and arrange visit tours of the distilleries we work closely with.

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