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Have peace of mind that your casks are stored securely

London Cask Traders have contracts with a handful of bonded warehouses across the UK and Ireland who are fully licenced and insured to take care of your whisky casks. You can have peace of mind that your treasured investment is safe and secure at all times, and depending on the warehouse your casks are stored at you may be able to see your cask in person on one of our yearly guided tours. Due to these warehouses looking after bonded goods, there are regulations bonded warehouses are required to stick to with stringent security measures to ensure there are no losses. This includes CCTV, intruder alarms, fire alarms and more. This is why break ins are practically unheard of. For more information on our bonded warehouses please speak to your portfolio manager.

securely stored
we have you covered

We have you covered

London Cask traders can guarantee insurance on your cask so in the extremely rare possibility that there are any losses or damages such as fire or theft, you will be covered and refunded, or your cask will be replaced by one of similar value. We use different insurance companies for each of the different bonded warehouses we use, so to find out more about which one would be covering your investment please speak to your portfolio manager.

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