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UK Investor Makes Over £220,000 From New Make Whisky Casks

Roger Parfitt, father of two from Coventry is reaping the benefits of a whisky investment made 27 years ago worth £4,700 at the time. Parfitt saw the future in cask whiskey and bought a cask of Macallan for £3,200 and a cask of Tobemory for £1,500. While he wasn’t hugely knowledgable about cask whiskey, he anticipated the value of the casks to increase steadily. By his surprise his casks are now worth an amazing £225,000. As a result of his success, he is planning to pay off his mortgage and retire earlier than planned. He’s also made another whisky investment for his two children which he’s given the name ‘The cask of mum and dad’ to hopefully secure a comfortable future for them both.

Whisky can be seen as a risky or complex investment. This story in particular proves otherwise, and that you don’t need to be an expert in the whisky market in order to see outstanding results. Parfitt claimed “For me personally, when it comes to investing, it has to be a sensible strategy. I believe that if you just do what everyone else is doing, you’re never going to get a result like this”. With whisky, you’re not obliged to pay any Capital Gains Tax as HMRC classifies whisky as a ‘wasting asset’ with a limited lifetime, meaning Parfitt won’t be paying any tax on the £225,000.

Mr Parfitt said: “I remember thinking, if it doesn’t appreciate in value, the worst that could happen is that you would have to get it out of the warehouse, bottle it and drink it.”It always had that fallback for me – you could drown your sorrows if it didn’t work out financially.”

Fortunately, Parfitt didn’t have to have that fallback, and he made over £220,000 profit from a small investment.

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