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Whisky Casks from 2020 – A Golden Investment Opportunity?

The 2020 Whisky Boom: A Golden Investment Opportunity

2020 may be famous for the year of lockdown, but it is also a landmark year for Scotch that may be worth paying attention to if you’re making an investment in cask whisky. Due to widespread distillery shutdowns from COVID-19, whisky production in 2020 dropped to some of the lowest levels ever seen. According to the Scotch Whisky Association, 87% of production sites operated at reduced capacity or closed entirely. That means the small amounts of whisky casks filled in 2020 are incredibly scarce and could be hugely valuable in the future.

Some experts believe owning a cask filled in 2020 will be like holding liquid gold. These whiskies will stand out as unique pieces of drinkable history for generations to come. As they age over the next 15-20 years, peaking in flavour with time, demand from whisky fans and collectors is expected to surpass the limited supply. 

Why 2020 Whisky is a Must-Have

Major distilleries produced very small volumes this year. Investing in a 2020 cask from a renowned brand means its value could grow immensely. Oliver Court, Managing Director of London Cask Traders emphasizes, “The year of 2020 will be an interesting historic date for people in generations to come, for this reason I expect it will also be an interestic historic year for whisky production. Due to the production shortage as a result of COVID lockdowns, we very rarely see casks on the market that were filled in 2020, and for that reason, I believe these casks could be worth a fortune in the future.”.

Seize This Once-In-A-Lifetime Chance  

Securing a 2020 whisky cask in years to come could be like catching lightning in a bottle. The extreme scarcity of this year’s production means values are poised to skyrocket. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or whisky enthusiast, the window to capitalise on this opportunity is now.

According to Knight Frank’s Rare Whisky 101 Apex 1000 Index, rare whiskies increased 8% in value during 2020 despite global economic challenges. Imagine the trajectory for the rarest 2020 whiskies over the next decade. The potential returns are truly staggering.

Let Our Experts Guide You

Eager to tap into this unique investment? The whisky experts at London Cask Traders are here to help you every step of the way. Our experienced team will hand-select the most promising casks and bottles to help drive maximum returns and enhance your collection’s value. We’ll use our expertise and industry knowledge to help ensure you make savvy choices you can raise a dram to.

Act now before it’s too late – contact the experts at London Cask Traders and secure these extraordinarily rare whiskies for your portfolio. Invest today and wait for your cask to mature in the future, and join our investors who are profiting from this booming market.

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